White Marble Exfoliating Face Mask

White Marble Exfoliating Face Mask

Guy Morgan Apothecary
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Product Description | A gently exfoliating clay face mask and scrub, rejuvenates skin cells and helps restore skins elasticity. This water-activated clay mask and scrub exfoliates dead skin cells with fine marble powder, ideal for sensitive skin. Indian Lilacs high anti-oxidant compounds defends the skin from damaging free radicals.

Ingredients | Calcium Bentonite Clay (Hydrous Silicate Of Alumina), Pumice Powder (Pumice), Marble Powder (Marble), Rhassoul Clay (Hectorite), Organic Indian Lilac Leaf Powder (Azadirachta Indica)

Directions | To be used as a facial scrub every other day, mix half a teaspoon of clay with a splash of water and mix in palm of hand or dish. Apply to damp skin avoiding eyes and gently rub in circular motions, then wash off. As a face mask use fortnightly; follow the same directions but leave on skin for no longer than 10 minutes then wash off.

Results | Laves skin feeling hydrated and smooth, with a neutral faint earthy sent. Overtime it reduces uneven pigmentation and blemishes.

Cruelty Free / Natural Ingredients / Organic / Plastic Free / Vegan