To Strength & Victory Pendant
To Strength & Victory Pendant

To Strength & Victory Pendant

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Product Description One of the most poignant stories in Greek mythology is the unrequited love of Daphne and Apollo.

Having angered Eros, Apollo was shot through the heart by a golden arrow, making him fall hopelessly in love with Daphne. As Daphne ran through the forest along the river's edge to escape Apollo’s devotion, she prayed to the River God for her disappearance, the waters splashing and climbing her flowing dress. Within moments, Daphne’s feet turned into roots, her body into a trunk and her limbs into branches, as her wild curls transformed into the most perfect of leaves. The Laurel tree was born and to this day, the laurel leaf, often made into a crown, is only awarded to the greatest heroes of both the ancient and modern worlds. 

This 18ct gold hand-carved necklace brings to life the laurel leaves and berries while hanging on an 18inch gold chain. To Strength & Victory encourages its wearer to channel their inner strength and focus on their future victories, all in the face of unrequited love. It symbolises the strength of today which will only grow and prosper tomorrow. 

Materials | 18ct gold plated, recycled sterling silver.

Size | 18-inch chain, adjustable to 15.5 inches

Made in London UK.

Delivery | Handmade to order and this takes between 2 to 4 weeks. If you need the order by a certain date please add this information to your 'notes' during checkout or get in touch before making the order.