Our Philosophy & Story

Natural x Lab is a lifestyle store. We are here to make you think about future of our world and help build a core community of like-minded individuals. Our mission is to create a lifestyle to co-exist with the modern world, taking away the stress and pressure we put on the planet and ourselves.

We take social and environmental standards seriously, and believe in making products that are designed and built to last using organic and natural ingredients and contents as well as re-manufacturing and repairing existing products to reduce the environmental impact of landfills whilst being committed to a consistent level of luxury, present in all of our products.

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Indigo Goss is the Founder and CEO of Natural x Lab, Indigo started off her journey in the creative world when she was scouted at 14, she was surrounded by some of the most creative people in the industry, walking for the likes of Chanel, and Alberta Ferretti. This led her onto to her path working behind the camera’s as a Fashion Stylist and Art Director, where she currently also holds the fashion Editor title at Suitcase Magazine, she still regularly works with other high profile clients such as Dior, Fendi, Duro Olowu and Matches Fashion, and is always pushing for sustainability in all of her work, she has a no waste, no single-use plastic rule on set, and when shooting for any magazines she will always push for and use sustainable brands, and questions why and how other brands can start to be more sustainable and ethical in the way the work.  

Indigo created Natural x Lab to bring her dream of being surrounded by beautiful things into a reality while making the world a more balanced, sustainable and ethical place to live. Each product available at Natural x Lab has been selected by Indigo creating a sustainable luxury edit of products she believes are the most beautiful and interesting, each product is a forever piece and has its own unique story so that when you wear or use something, it beautiful, inspiring and a great talking piece to those around you.