Grounding Practice: When the Roots are Deep, There is No Need to Fear the Wind

Meditation is essentially a practice to help you focus. We live in a word of constant activity and stimulation. There is an intensity from politics, the media, the constant competition between companies trying to sell us stuff and our brains end up trying to take on all these outside stresses to try to make sense of it all. This can lead to a lot of confusion, lack of clarity, self doubt, and insecurity. We need to develop a relationship with what is actually inside of us rather than constantly looking outside to see how we feel. We need to reconnect with how we feel before we can decide where we want to go with our day. 

There is no 'wrong way' to ground ourselves but the aim is to keep our mind and body connected and working together. Here are a few steps for getting started:


1. Find a comfortable seated position.  Your back should be straight and your body relaxed. 

2. Close your eyes, and take ten slow, deep breaths. With each exhale, imagine that you are breathing out all your worries and cares. 

3. Continuing to breathe deeply, concentrate on the feelings in your feet. See if you can feel the sensations in the bottoms of your feet. .

4. Now, see if you can feel the sensations in your hands can you feel your palms tingling? 

5. Keep breathing deeply. Continue to feel the sensations in your hands and feet. Do this for ten slow breaths. 

6. Let your awareness cover your entire body at once. Feel yourself breathing. Do this for ten more breaths.

7. Continue this for as long as you like, or at least five minutes.