Quarantine Questions with Gung Ho

This week's Quarantine Questions invites Sophie Dunster, founder of sustainable and ethical brand Gung Ho to talk about how she is staying sane during lockdown. Sophie created the brand Gung Ho to combine her love of drawing and raising awareness about sustainable causes. She wanted to create a 'walking talking point' that allows you to not only wear what you love, but also what you believe in. She creates 'season-less collections' which are made fairly and locally from sustainable fabrics. 

Since lockdown, how are you looking after your mental health and has your normal routine changed?
I have a dog walk each morning, which hasn't changed during lockdown but it has helped me get up and start the day like I normally would which helps mentally. I've allocated more time to reading and researching which I really enjoy to. 
What are you doing for fun?
Giant painting! Getting creative just for me, something I haven't had a chance to do very much recently... and definitely something I want to keep doing after this. 
What is the biggest challenge you are currently facing and how are you trying to overcome it?
We usually finance the manufacturing of our collections through launch events and pre-orders, but we had to cancel this due to the pandemic. We are launching a kick-starter for our new collection, Climate Change this June (Check it out!). 
Name a positive impact from the situation we are in?
Taking time to slow down a bit. I run around at 100 miles an hour and it's been a bit of an eye opener! It's very easy to get caught up in constant plans and although I cannot wait to see everyone again, I'm going to try and run a little less quickly. 
What advice would you give someone who is struggling at the moment? Find some time to do something you really enjoy. Drinking wine and painting made me feel like I was on holiday and not caught up in it all. It doesn't take a lot to find the things that genuinely make you happy and allocate some proper time to just lose yourself in it. I also love cooking and that's the same.
Favourite vegan beauty product?
BEE- my favourite perfume collaboration with the team at Lovorika, an ethical perfume brand- it just smells so good!
List of your favourite songs at the moment - 
Pretty Baby- Sister Sledge, It's My House- Diana Ross, (any other fabulous 80s number)
List of your favourite podcasts and/or books-
Outrage and Optimism, Wardrobe Crisis, My Favorite Murder
What are you watching?
2040, Utopia, Desperate Housewives
What have you been baking or favourite foods you can't get enough of?
Parmagiana, Home made Sushi, Home made curry
What are your 5 favourite products from Natural x Lab?
The vintage Kimonos, Organic reusable wipes/ makeup pads, wax and wicks candles, Merde Sweatshirts 
By Editor Harriet Russell