My Morning Routine

Taking care of ourselves - our hair, nails, skin, bodies- is a key component to taking charge of your mental health. I always feel so much better after a morning shower and skincare routine. Routines, whether its a night time bath protocol or a cold shower after practicing yoga can help us gain a sense of control. Now is the time to inject those morning moments with invigoration. 

Here's a little routine I put together with some of my favourite vegan products that make me feel a little bit indulged. 

First comes first, I use the Revival Atmosphere Mist from our newest designer Spritz Wellness to set the tone for the day. The combination of grapefruit and peppermint works to revitalise the senses and kick start the morning. 

Even if I washed my face the night before, I always like to start my routine with the Pai Rose Cleanser. I first discovered this brand a few years ago when a makeup artist used it on me at Fashion Week. I immediately enquired further. The ingredients include Carmellia oil which is packed full of Omega 9 and Vitamin E, and Darmask Rose Otto Oil. Rose oil is really rejuvenating with a calming scent.  

Then I use a pea sized amount of Guy Morgan Apothecary's Dagger Rose Face Oil  (available on NaturalxLab) and use a rose quartz roller to massage it into my skin. Before I got a roller, I was slightly sceptical as to if in the words of my mum it was "just a load of bunkum", but since getting one... I am totally onboard. 

I've recently discovered NIOD's Copper Amiono Isolate Serum. It's a treatment  powered by a high concentration of skin supporting copper tripeptides. I have a massive fear of getting wrinkles...which is perhaps a bit mad at 22. This is a great product for improving sun damage, battling blemishes, evening out tone and restoring youthful radiance. 

Because I have dry skin, I follow with a hydrating product like the Radiance Boost face mist from Amly. We collaborated with Amly for our pop up in Islington last August. The ingredients include silver rich spring water blended with organic flowers, hedgerow fruit, native British herbs and essential oils. This creates a fresh base for my moisturising next step. 

For the final step, I normally mix my Juice Beauty's SPF 30 sport suncream , with my Nutri Active Day Cream from Oskia.  Although using sun cream is a year round habit, it is even more relevant now that Spring is approaching and we are retrieving barbeques from the basement.