In an English Country Garden

Public gardens have always been enjoyed and respected by the communities in which they are located in. In cities, they provide an oasis and refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city. Research has shown that urban residents, in particular, need an outlet for stress reduction, especially those living far from the quiet countryside.

After weeks of our lockdown hibernation, it is no surprise that half of the country have gone slightly mad and are racing to newly opened campsites by the sea. But why travel so far when some of the most beautiful spots can be found on your doorstep. It is now more important than ever that we get out and appreciate the beautiful public gardens provided for our very enjoyment. Here are a few of my favourite gardens and parks to visit in London:

Discover the spectacular Italianate Gardens at Chiswick House. Filled with Temples, statues, and obelisks hidden among the trees. These gardens are the perfect place to find inspirations and a peaceful sanctuary away from busy life. Opening Hours: 7am till dusk every day. 

Another one of my favourites is Holland Park. The park and gardens were created in 1800s by Lord Holland and cover some 50 acres. Lose yourself amongst the  trees or in the immaculately kept Kyoto Garden which opened in 1991 to celebrate the Japanese Festival. Opening Hours: Mon- Fri 10am - 8pm, Sun -9am- 3pm.

The Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park is also worth a wander. Established during the 1950s, the ornamental woodland garden consists of clearings, streams and is planted with ferns, exotic trees and shrubs. Visit in April and May for the annual display of the colourful rhododendrons and azaleas. Opening Hours: Dawn-Dusk 

Finally, there is the Hill Garden and Pergola at Hamstead Heath, a beautiful landscaped garden which once belonged to a private house. With the main house now demolished, the garden stands out like a Shakespearian set with wisteria covered arches, brightly coloured flowers and hidden benches. Opening Hours: Mon- Sun 8:30am -6:30pm