How to Detox your Wardrobe

Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City Wardrobe

Is the back of your wardrobe nearing Narnia? With self-isolation ahead for the coming weeks, now is the perfect time to detox your wardrobe.  Heres how to give your rails a good spring clean. 

1. All Out 

Firstly, remove all your clothes and accessories from your wardrobe so you know what you are working with. Categorize the pieces into a subject for example trousers, coats in another, shoes etc. This will help you see exactly what you have and you can ask yourself.. do you really need eight variations of that pair of black trousers, but only if you wear all of them. 

2. Question Time  

In true Carrie Bradshaw style, it's time to make the decision. Start to make a pile for Keep, Maybe, Charity, Sell, the Bin. Have I worn these jeans in the last year? Do you really want these even though they're too big? Does it make you feel confident? Still, tagged after a year in the wardrobe? 

Before you make a regrettable decision about an item you never wear: If it brings you inordinate joy, keep it. You never know when it might come back into trend and looks great with a pair of bootlegged jeans or needed an amazing dress for a last-minute event.  

3. Fashion Show

Because why the hell not. Ask your isolation buddy or a friend over facetime to sit with you while you strut your wardrobe down the 'runway'. If you're still unsure about whether to keep or expel an item, take a photograph and send to us/ initiate a yes/no poll on Instagram.  

4. Reuse, Resell, Recycle 

If there is anything in your wardrobe that is still tagged with its price one, it should probably go in the donate/resell pile without a second thought. After all, clothes are meant to be worn not hung up to look at. Never keep or buy anything in the hope that you'll lose however many-pounds in the next couple of months... unless you're pregnant. 

Once you have decided what to expunge, its time to asses what can be resold on eBay, Depop, or Vestiere Collective

5. Curate the re-hang

 After you've had a good clean out, it's worth investing in some good quality hangers (Arch & Hook develop high quality, custom-made hangers sourced from sustainable materials). Then hang your clothes according to colour or category. As you return the pieces to your wardrobe, this about what might be missing, for example, the perfect White-Tee or pair of crisp work trousers.  

6. Behave like a Bouncer

Impose a one-in, one-out policy on new purchases. Behave like the bouncer you always wanted to be, and keep count of how many things go in. Only buy if you really need... or want. 

 by Editor Harriet Russell