Home Edit: Earth Day

Typically, Earth Day encourages us to get outside and show our love for Mother Nature, but this year, like most things, this appreciation may need to happen from the comfort of your couch. Who would've thought that Mother Nature is subject to social distancing too? I wonder how many shows she's binged or sourdough she's tried and failed to bake...

Anyway, the reality is for many people right now that the best way to connect with nature is to bring it into your home. Incorporating natural and organic elements into interiors is not only a brilliant way of bringing new life into raw materials, but also can transform your home into a calm and welcoming space that can nurture your mental wellbeing. So, let's dive into some simple ideas for inviting Mother Nature in with us this Earth Day.

House Plant Lovin'

Distractions come in all shapes and sizes, but the shape of a fiddle fig tree, areca palm or classic succulent is one that has shown to relieve us of stress, clear the mind and have a calming effect. Yes, as obvious as it seems, incorporating houseplants and gardening into your home is a sure-fire way to feel connected to nature this spring.  Aside from creating that perfect Pinterest aesthetic, house plants also serve to purify the air we breathe and create a space ripe for creativity and relaxation. 

You may not have access to purchase brand new plants, but some retailers are stocking various seeds and indoor bulbs to kick start your botanical adventure. Even purchasing herb plants from your local supermarket and tending to those is a great start and bound to lift a space or recipe. 

Let the light in

Maximising natural light is one of the simplest ways to feel connected to the outdoors in your own home. It encourages our circadian rhythm (sleep/ wake cycle) to mimic the natural lighting of the outside world and promotes us with a more balanced sleeping pattern. Not to mention provides us with that sweet Vitamin D. 

Easy ways to implement natural lighting into your home include: removing heavy drapes and installing blinds or sheer curtains, using strategically placed mirrors and prisms to bounce the light around the space as far as possible, and choosing reflective light colour pallets where possible during decoration.

Natural Beauty

Using (responsibly sourced) raw materials to create new decorations in your home can be a great project for the whole family to get involved in. Driftwood can be transformed into macramé pieces, shelving or even bookends. Flower pressing can create beautiful designs that can at least make the fridge if not the living room wall. Offcuts off woods, shells, leaves etc can be easily remastered into the talking point of a room. These are resources all over the internet readily available to inspire and direct you. Getting creative with what we have access to right now is so important but please ensure you're doing it responsibly and be mindful of how and where you find your materials. 

Keep it Simple

The main thing to focus in on doing your best with what you've got even if that means just being more mindful of the earth in your daily practise, then so be it. Perhaps spending 5 minutes mentally allocating a space that dedicated to gratitude and appreciating the Erath is all you can manage right now and that's totally okay. Loving the Earth and adopting a sustainable lifestyle can be tricky at the best of times, but these simple changes can help you feel more connected to the earth when we may feel the most separated from it. 



By Contributor Beth Martin