Home Edit: Creating the Perfect at Home Yoga Sanctuary

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As home workouts go, practicing yoga is one of the most accessible. There is a wealth of content available for free on YouTube you can follow, whether you're a complete beginner or able to execute the perfect crow pose (some of us can only dream...) 

Thankfully, you don't have to be an expert to create the perfect space to practice and meditate in, and hopefully following these steps will help you to create a sanctuary at home. 

1) Establish Intention

Before you start moving furniture around or sacrificing a spare bedroom,/study, spend some time considering why you're inviting the practice into your home. It may be out of necessity, or perhaps by creating a home sanctuary you are physically making space in your life to take time out and focus on your wellbeing. There is real power in that. 

2) Make like Marie Kondo

Declutter. Create a blank canvas by only including item that serve you, and this can mean in terms of functionality or aesthetic. Get rid of distractions and only include things that bring you joy. 

3) Colour Theory

Whether through your accessories, walls, or even lighting, it's important to choose a pallet that encourages you to relax. Cool tones like blues, greens and greys signify growth, balance and understanding. Whereas warm tones of reds, oranges and yellows reflect courage, strength and satisfaction. Whichever you chose, ensure they are muted or pastel version. For example, canary yellow or slime green may not encourage the same sense of calm as sunset orange or tidal blue.. 

4) Accessorize

Here comes the opportunity to get personal. You can place an object like some artwork, a photograph, a flower, or statue you can use as a focal point. This can be used as something to help you keep balance or perhaps a reminder of the intention you set earlier. You may also add scented candles and incense to finish off the room with calm and tranquillity.


By Contributor Beth Martin