Home Edit: 5 Tips for Displaying Art in the Home

Art can be the perfect finishing touch to any space, but knowing how best to showcase a piece can be challenging. So here are 5 top tips about for creating your own personal gallery at home. 

1. Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are a brilliant way to add a variety to your room. They present the opportunity to creates a collection of paintings, prints and photographs that are a testament to your personal taste. For the best results, try to stick to a theme and/or a colour pallet to ensure each piece compliments one another. Be sure to place the largest prints in the centre of the grouping and work your way outwards, perhaps trying different compositions on the floor first. You want to find a composition that feels balanced and complete prior to scattering the wall with holes!

2. To Frame or not to Frame?

For a more non-conventional method, you could use bulldog clips or wooden skirt hangers to create a modern industrial feel when hanging studier pieces like posters and paintings. However, some types of medium, particularly those like watercolour and colour photographs, can lose their vibrancy in direct sunlight over time. In these cases we recommended spending a little more on UV Plexiglas when getting things framed to ensure the longevity of the art, or indeed any piece that has value to you. And as for the frame itself, try to choose something neutral that doesn't distract from the focal point (unless that's the intention, then go for it!)

3. Placement

One of the key aspects of an aesthetically pleasing interior is creating a sense of balance, and where you chose to hang your art has a significant part to play. TH e size and scale of your art will determine where it would compliment the room the most, but ensuring things are centred is a good general rule to follow. 

4. A Quick Turn Around

If you're not in a position to be putting permanent fixtures up on the wall, and the thought of losing some of your securing deposit for the sake of some blue tac stains sends shivers down your spine... then using surfaces like shelves and counter tops to display your art creates a relaxed feel. Be sure to choose a study frame but you could even utilise floor space for pieces big enough. 

5. What to Buy 

The biggest cliché of them all... buy what makes you happy! Trends come and go but so long as you invest in pieces that bring you joy can't really go wrong. Art is less about what it looks like and more about how it makes you feel, so tune in to what makes you fell good and stick with that. Once you've found a particular style you like, try and seek out smaller independent artists to support on websites like Etsy or Instagram for a more sustainable alternative than commercially mass- produced prints. 

By Contributor Beth Martin