Guide to Working from Home

These are certainly unprecedented times as we collectively try to hold the contradiction of both our profound interdependence on one another as well as our intense vulnerability. These are indeed challenging and unchartered waters. However, we must stay positive and optimistic that we will come through this stronger and better together, and with a clearer path for how to proceed.  
We decided to put together a work-from-home guide to stay mindful and productive during this time of isolation. 
7:00 am- Wake Up and set your intentions for the day
7:15 am- Have a pint of water (and lemon if you can)
7:30 am- Yoga Practice or go for a Run
8:30am- Meditate
The headspace app is a good one for beginners or find a youtube clip- I normally use the 7-minute practice with Adriene from Yoga with Adrien.
Start Work
Set up a Schedule- Create a structured routine. Former director of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Laboratory at Cornell University, Alan Hedge suggests the 20-20-20 rule: work for 20 minutes, break for 20 seconds, then while breaking, look 20 feet away into the distance to reset your focus. 
Being a very small team, we always have a massive list of things to do so we try to split up the tasks to keep things interesting. For example 20-minute social media engagement, 20-minute emails, 20-minute blog research, 20-minute brand communication and so on...
Limit your hours: 
One of the pitfalls of working from home is that work can go on all the time. Without the ability to leave a physical space when you have finished work, it is important to create a set of total hours that match your normal working day to avoid over-working. I find going for a walk at the end of my working day also helps to separate work head from evening head. 
Morning Break:
A cup of tea/coffee, a walk around the garden, water the plants, maybe catch up with a friend.
During the Day: 
Once you've designated a space to work, make sure you keep it tidy. A cluttered workplace can lead to cluttered thoughts and home distractions become even more inviting. 
Also try to avoid constantly checking up on the news (twice a day is really more than enough)
Your taxes! There are no excuses now!
Call or skype a friend, Try a new recipe, listen to a podcast, Write a postcard to an elderly neighbour to let them know you are able to help (remember to add your phone number)
Join TikTok (it's surprisingly funny), facetime friends and family, foster an animal, go for a walk, spring clean, sort out your wardrobe and sell a few pieces on eBay, Start reading a book about something you are interested in, do a home workout, do some art, have a dance around the kitchen, karaoke. Do the things you love but never normally have time or headspace to do!