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Oh to be living the chateaux allotment dream... being self-sufficient with our seasonal fruit and veg, swanning around our large perfectly maintained garden in a sundress with a cocktail in one hand and a book in the other... anyone else? A pipe dream some might say given the current circumstances, but there is no reason why this cant be emulated by those of us with limited outside space. Unfortunately the cocktail and the sundress is down to you, but we're here to help you make the most of your balconies, and embraces city gardens in all their tiny glory. 

Culinary Delights

 One of the best ways to start, is to start a herb garden; basil, oregano, coriander and parsley are available in plant form from most food retailers. While these can thrive outside for spring and summer, thyme and rosemary are evergreen so can bring greenery to your space even during the winter months. Fresh herbs are easy to maintain, can elevate any recipe and are accessible to even the most novice of gardener, so this is a great place to start. 

If you wanted to get your hands a little more dirty, there are many vegetables that are well suited to container gardening. Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, aubergines and beans are all suited to grow on balconies provided they're given the right conditions. Food miles dont get much shorter than right outside you front door!

The only way is up!

While you may not have much floor space outside, get creative! Vertical plantings is a brilliant way to utilise the space you have. Trellis, hanging baskets, tiered planters and shelving units are just some ideas than can help to create a sense of a well-established garden even in the smallest of spaces. 

This is also a great way to repurpose some old cates, ladders or wire you or your family members may have lying around, there's no need to break the bank when thee are more sustainable options available to you. 

Sunny Side Up

It's important to note where the sun traps are on your balcony. Not least so you know where you can catch the best tan, but also where you plants can get the most energy to grow and thrive. 

A Personal Sanctuary

Whatever size your outside space is, to have one is a luxury and ought to be treated as such. Try to think of it as an extension from your interior. Adding décor that's cohesive with the inside draws the eye out and can give the illusion of a larger space inside, not to mention provides the perfect backdrop for that morning coffee or evening drink. Investing some time into creating an outside sanctuary can be a great project with a valuable outcome so why not give it a go?


By Contributor Beth Martin