Buying for the Future: Where to get your Vintage Picks

Shopping well isn't just about what we buy but how we buy. Did you know the average British or European person buys 60% more items of clothing and keeps them for about half as long as they did 15 years ago? From years of austerity and rationing during the Second World War, to the economic boom of the 1950s when consumerism took off and brands like Marks and Spencer led the way with a mixture of quality, value and customer service. Then came the dot come explosion of the 2000s and internet shopping changed the face of our high street forever. To keep up with the high demand for newness, luxury brands now produce 5 or 6 collections a year rather than 2 and fast fashion brands like H&M, Zara and Topshop are bringing out new collections every couple of weeks. 

However, one could argue that in the world of fashion, nothing is ever new- old ideas are recycled, repackaged and made to look innovative and 'ground-breaking'. This means that purchasing both quality second hand as well as vintage allows one to stay in trend, and this has never resonated more true than this particular year.  

According to Lauren Bravo, author of How to Break Up With Fast Fashion,  "if you're buying second hand, any second hand, then you're still keeping clothes out of landfill, avoiding a new purchase and fuelling an alternative market for preloved clothes, all of which has to be good news. But I do agree that buying armfuls of fast fashion off eBay feels at odd with the 'slow fashion' mentality." This isn't to say stay away from eBay and charity shops! But by changing our consumer mindset to being happier with a little less and love what you own a bit more. Here are our top 8 places to shop vintage in the UK:

1.House of Vintage 

2. People's Pieces

3. Wolf and Gypsey

4. Onimous Vintage

5. The Vintage Showroom

6. Alfies Antique Market

7. Deborah Woolf Vintage

8. Reign Vintage


By Editor, Harriet Russell