A Few of My Favourite Things

If you feel a lack of motivation to be productive, it sometimes helps to be inspired by others. 
We always love to hear what other people are enjoying right now. So we thought we'd share a few of our favourite things to read, listen to, watch, to eat at the moment especially during this period of change. Together we can discover the beautiful things you can create out of nearly nothing and a bit of silence. 
What we are reading: 
While we Sleep by Mathew Walker is the first sleep book by the leading scientist that harnesses importance of sleep and how it effects long term health, dreams and a lot more. 
Tracks by Robyn Davidson is my favourite book (and film) of all time. Robyn Davidson opens the memoir of her journey across 1700 miles of hostile Australian desert to the sea with only four camels and a dog.
What we are listening to:
Dolly Alderton's Love Stories is the perfect podcast to pair with your morning cup of coffee. In this series, author and journalist Dolly Alderton talks to guests about their most defining relationships: the passion, heartbreak, longing, familiarity and fondness that have formed who they are. 
The Guilty Feminist with Deborah Frances-White is the perfect non-preachy format to better understand what being a feminist in the 21st century means. Each week, Deborah and her special guests discuss topics while confessing insecurities and fears that underlie their lofty principles.   
What we are watching:
It's not new but if by any chance you missed BBC's The Trip with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon when it came on a couple of years ago, it's definitely time to rectify. This light-hearted sitcom follows the pair on a road trip discovering England's highest reviewed restaurants. 
What we are eating:
Tofu Scramble is a really yummy alternative to scrambled eggs, since there aren't any left in the supermarkets. This recipe is perfect for a late breakfast or lunch   and can goes nicely with mushrooms or a salad.